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According to the automaker, the EVision concept was a demonstration of what Tata is capable of achieving when it comes to e-mobility. The EVision offers a Tesla-like dual-motor setup and its range is expected to be over km on a single charge. Check out more details about the Tata EVision here. Tata has not outlined any timeframe for the launch of the production model based on the EVision concept, but it is expected in the next years. If Tata could bring it to production soon, the EVision could become the real game changer for the automaker as it will showcase its EV technology prowess co-developed with Land Rover. The sedan will also demonstrate that Tata is capable of manufacturing premium offerings besides SUVs.

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Asian Dating London London, a great city full of Asian singles and places to date! AsianD8’s roots start in London when in we ran our first ever dating events for single British Asians. People travel from many cities from around the country to attend our unique Sikh, Muslim or Hindu over 30’s events and more significantly to attend the Infamous Gherkin Padlock Party in the UK’s premiere city.

The great thing about going on dates in Birmingham is that there everything is so close together, one minute you could be having lunch in the Mailbox and then a short canal side walk and you could be sitting in a bar in Brindley Place. What makes Leeds an attractive place to date, is that per square mile, Leeds has comfortably more Asians the national average. Home to the industrial revolution and traditionally an industrial power house the city has done well to reinvent itself into a cosmopolitan hive of modern day culture.

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This training module covers the intelligent diagnostics functions. The complexity in today’s vehicles and the amount of research required to diagnose various systems can be overwhelming. Intelligent Diagnostics compiles all the necessary information which we term diagnostic workflow. Diagnosing vehicles can sometimes be pretty time consuming.

The most time consuming part of diagnosing these vehicles is the research that needs to be done. Intelligent Diagnostics is designed to increase your speed and diagnosis, create certainty on your findings and allow you to increase your shops productivity and profitability.

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About a year ago, I had the need for a folding bike to commute to work on. Sadly, finances dictated that the Brompton was out, so my search continued. Tern is a relatively new brand, run by the ex-wife and son of the founder of Dahon. They have a range of no less than 28 folding bikes, some of which look remarkably like those in the Dahon range and undercut most of them on price significantly. Tern sell their bikes on the their N-Fold technology.

This rotates the front wheel degrees, while keeping the handlebar facing straight. Described by Tern as the Jack of All Trades in the range, the D8 is designed as an everyday travel companion — great on the road, and small and light enough to take on public transport. The bike comes complete with full mudguards and a Biologic rear rack which is compatible with KLICfix bags which are very useful on a commuter.

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Android has a lot of nobs and levers when it comes to configuring your project. For example, do you know what the best settings are in Debug mode for quick builds? Or what to do in Release mode to make your APK as small as possible or have the fastest startup time?

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Comp wheels and Schwalbe tires are light and fast rolling. Mountain Fatbike Road Wheel Sizes. Yoeleo 20inch Carbon Wheels 50mm – 20inch Bicycle Wheels – Duration: Dahon vigor d9 upgrade hedon anak kampung – Duration: Follow the instructions for removing a rear wheel from your DAHON folding bicycle, for changing a tire, fitting fenders etc. You don’t need a Dahon specific wheel to upgrade from 6 speeds to 8.

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Long build times slow down your development process. This page offers some techniques to help you resolve build speed bottlenecks. When developing your app, you should deploy to a device running Android 7. Newer versions of the Android platform implement better mechanics for pushing updates to your app, such as the Android Runtime ART and native support for multiple DEX files.

Note: After your first clean build, you may notice that subsequent builds—clean and incremental—perform much faster even without using any of the optimizations described on this page. This is because the Gradle daemon has a “warm-up” period of increasing performance—similar to other JVM processes. The Android tools receive build optimizations and new features with almost every update, and some tips on this page assume you’re using the latest version.

To take advantage of the latest optimizations, keep the following up to date:. Many of the configurations you need when preparing your app for release are not required while developing your app. Enabling unnecessary build processes slows down your incremental and clean builds, so configure a build variant that keeps only the build configurations you need while developing your app.

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