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An ultrasound uses sound waves to form pictures of part of the body. A transducer the ultrasound probe moves over the skin producing and receiving the soundwaves. A special gel is applied to the skin to help transmit the sound waves. Please bring any previous ultrasound or X-ray images that are relevant to your examination. Your radiologist may use these for comparison. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that any paperwork can be completed.


Appointments are not required for plain x-ray or dental examinations, although if you have time constraints it is still recommended that you phone ahead or make one anyway. Walk-In Ultrasound and CT Services – without Appointment Our Carina practice generally has the capacity to perform some ultrasound and CT examinations on the same day, if you are prepared to sit and wait. These appointments only apply to those examinations which don’t require any preparation, so it’s best to call ahead first to check.

We can however provide you with a ” Letter of Attendance ” which you can take to your employer as proof of your visit to our clinic. Please ask our staff if you require such a letter. A referral must be given to you by an eligible referring practitioner eg GP, chiropractor, dentist etc for you to be eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Pelvis or abdomen, pregnancy related or pregnancy complication, ultrasound scan of, by any or all approaches, for determining the gestation, location, viability​.

Ultrasound provides useful information about the uterus, ovaries and baby that enables appropriate antenatal care. Fetal size and heart rate are checked at all stages of pregnancy, as well as the maternal uterus, ovaries and cervix. Pregnancy ultrasound is a non-invasive painless examination to assess fetal growth, position and anatomy, and placental site, as well as the maternal uterus and ovaries.

Ultrasound can detect many, but not all abnormalities. Demonstrating a fetal abnormality on ultrasound depends on many factors, including fetal age and position at the time of the ultrasound, and the size and type of abnormality. There is very little preparation required for these exams. You should have some fluid in the bladder, and it is recommended to wear clothing that allows easy access to the entire abdominal region.

Medicare provides a rebate for ultrasound during the first and second trimester, and when there is a clinical concern.

How much does an ultrasound cost?

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The dating scan can include a nuchal translucency NT scan, which is part of the combined screening test for Down’s syndrome, if you choose to have this screening You can discuss whether you want or need a dating scan with your doctor or midwife.

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Many of our studies are Bulk Billed to Medicare. In these cases Medicare pays us a rebate to cover the cost. However, there are a number of scans, especially MRI and Ultrasound, where the Medicare rebate does not. All fees need to be paid on the day. Please clarify if there will be any ‘out of pocket’ fee when you make your booking. Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders.

Please clarify this with the receptionist when you make your booking. If you have a Department of Veteran Affairs card please inform the recpetionist when you book. There is usually no out of pocket fee for DVA patients. We need to get DVA approval for some examinations. Please clarify this with the receptionist.

If the cost of an MRI scan will be paid by an insurance organisation we need to have written approval from the relevant insurer before we can conduct the scan. Unfortunately, if payment is not approved prior to the scan then you will need to pay the fee in full on the day and claim the cost back from your insurer. In these cases Medicare pays us a rebate to cover the cost of your scan and you don’t have to pay anything.

Medicare Benefits Schedule – Item 55703

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, you might be wondering what your care is going to cost. In Australia, Medicare can cover some or all of your expenses during your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. Medicare is a health insurance scheme funded by the Australian government. It provides you with access to certain types of medical care and hospital services.

for a Medicare rebate for the scan. Your doctor would recommend a nuchal translucency scan: to confirm the exact date of the pregnancy and.

Nuchal translucency is the name for the normal fluid space behind the neck of a foetus unborn baby that can be seen on ultrasound scans. A nuchal translucency scan also called first trimester of pregnancy screening is carried out during weeks 11—13 of a pregnancy. The scan uses ultrasound to screen for Down syndrome, or other chromosomal or inherited conditions in the foetus.

Other non-chromosomal conditions, such as neural tube defects, abdominal wall defects, limb abnormalities and some congenital heart disease, can also be detected at this stage of the pregnancy. Screening can determine the likelihood of risk of an abnormality, but does not diagnose the condition. If screening does identify a possible risk, it does not necessarily mean there is an abnormality present, but does mean that further testing is necessary.

Women who return a high-risk result from the screening will be offered formal genetic testing using other procedures, such as amniocentesis or chorion villus sampling CVS. All women are offered a nuchal translucency test regardless of their age, and 19 out of 20 women have a normal screening result. Any patient might be referred for a nuchal translucency test regardless of their age.

Your referring doctor GP or obstetrician will be able to tell you whether you are eligible for a Medicare rebate for the scan.

Dating Scan Medicare

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One of the critical roles the clinicians play in maternity care is in the information given to women about recommended testing and, having obtained informed consent, appropriate referrals for blood, urine and ultrasound testing. There are so many options and pressure to obtain instant answers. How can clinicians best advise women of their options, including the Medicare funding of scans? The National Antenatal Guidelines recommend obtaining an early dating scan in women who are unsure about their dates.

It is, however, clearly possible to scan too early weeks resulting in there being uncertainty of even an intrauterine pregnancy. If the woman is uncertain of her dates, a BHCG level can be used as a guide to when a scan might be useful, recognising that it is quite unreliable for actual dating. Allowing for the usual doubling of BHCG in an ongoing pregnancy, once you know the level, you can advise the woman on the appropriate timing for her scan.

For example, if the level is , waiting a week before the woman has a scan should allow the pregnancy to be advanced enough to give adequate information on dating and to confirm viability. Obviously, if this is a multiple pregnancy, these levels will not be helpful. Once the BHCG level is above , an intrauterine gestation sac should be seen and if not, the woman should be considered at risk of an ectopic until proven otherwise.

Sometimes an ectopic pregnancy will be visible, if not it may be deemed a pregnancy of unknown location PUL.

Pregnancy ultrasound

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Cost *Estimated Rebate from Medicare: Out of Pocket Expenses: Standard Dating Scan up to 8 Weeks: $ $ $ Standard Dating Scan (Weeks) $ $ $ Standard.

Screening is carried out at this stage in the pregnancy because the foetus is big enough for its body structure and development to be assessed. It also provides additional information such as:. This makes it ideal for imaging the moving foetus. Why would my doctor refer me to have this procedure? You are referred for ultrasound screening as part of a routine check-up at this stage in your pregnancy. This is used to see that the foetus is growing normally, including limbs, heart, brain and internal organs.

It can also help doctors detect some abnormalities earlier than would be otherwise possible. The ultrasound can be carried out before or after this time, but it is recommended to have the scan from weeks onwards and preferably before 21 weeks, as this is the best time to see all the structures clearly. There is very little preparation needed. You should have some fluid in the bladder, but not be uncomfortably full.

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I do have the minimum insurance required by our government basically it will cover me if I end up in hospital unexpectedly , but nothing that would cover having a baby in a private hospital, or being able to select my doctor, midwife, or elective caesarean. So I had to have my baby through the public hospital system. We have a couple of options for public hospital births. You can use the full public system, which means it is free but you have to attend the hospital you will labor in for all appointments and ultrasounds.

Ultrasound 13 Week Scan, $, $ Doctor Visit, $ Those figures are in AUD; you can assume I spent roughly $2, (after rebates) in USD. Howard introduced a Medicare rebate, rather than a fine. If you’re.

Frequently Asked Questions. When should I have my scan? Early pregnancy scans: these can be performed any time if there are concerning symptoms. It is best booked between 12 weeks 0 days and 12 weeks 6 days. It is best booked between 13 weeks 0 days and 14 weeks 6 days. Second trimester anatomy scan: this scan is best performed from at least 19 weeks 3 days. Later scans are better able to assess the anatomy of the baby. Third trimester scans: these scans are not routinely required unless there are complications or risks in your pregnancy.

These can be performed at any time depending on the reason for and urgency of the scan. What if I need to have my scan earlier than recommended? An earlier or later scan can be arranged, but please be aware that early scans may be incomplete as the structures may be difficult to visualise due to size or not be developed adequately earlier in your pregnancy. Use our calculators to determine your gestation based on your last menstrual period or previously estimated due date.

13 Weeks Pregnant – the dating scan and how I’m feeling